FGM – Switchboards Division

In the field of the electrical plans design, assembly and wiring of electrical panels is often delegated to third parties.

FGM has preferred to invest fi nancial and human resources training and acquiring the necessary skills for the creation of a workshop panels, in order to carry out each phase of implementation within the company and ensure the highest quality to the customer starting from the most basic details.
The workshop cabinets has acquired in 2002 the certifi cate SYSTEM CLUB, quality registered trademark of Schneider Electric. To date, the continuity of the training and the accuracy of the achievements, has allowed FGM to be a leader in the Umbria region in the wiring industry and the only company in the region to have retained this title successfully for more than a decade.

The joint venture with Schneider Electric has strengthened its relationship in 2012 with the acquisition of certifi cations System Smart* and EV PRO **. The synergy between the frame in working islands and the precise quality management has enabled close monitoring of contracts, in particular with regard to the supply of third parties, returned goods nonconforming or defective, non-compliance with plans and/ or projects, to ensure the fi nal clients with a detailed report of the work and the possibility of comparing professional distributors and designers.

By using the tools for testing and certifi cation in accordance with current regulations, provide the client with a clear and complete documentation with an EC declaration*** and the guarantee that at the time of commissioning of the framework will not occur any failures or non-compliance with customer requests. All processes are monitored in phases and each operator involved in the processing of the panel, sign and check its assistance.

The mechanical assembly is strictly made with help of operating manuals of the manufacturers. A particular care is provided for the tightening, performed by dynamometric devices that provide in every point the torque expected by the manufacturer, and the goods in copper thanks to the machine tools in possession of the best on the market. Electronic and mechanical instruments are calibrated periodically by laboratories certifed by SIT.

(*) Smart System: wiring, installation and confi guration of electrical panels measuring electrical quantities, connected Modbus/Ethernet and can be monitored remotely.

(**) EV PRO: qualifi ed installer of current distributors for machines with electricity in partnership with Renault and Nissan.

(***) The EC declaration accompanying the documentation, is available in Italian and English and guarantee the option to install the product throughout the European Community.